SD Executive Board discuss topics to talked about this summer

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The South Dakota Legislature’s Executive Board met Monday morning as lawmakers returned to the South Dakota State Capitol for Veto Day and the final day of the 97th legislative session.  E-Board member, District 24 Senator Mary Duvall of Pierre says the E-Board set three topics for consideration.

Duvall says property owners need to remember the state doesn’t see property tax revenue.

Duvall says she doesn’t expected any proposed legislation to come from the summer study on property taxes but it would be an opportunity to learn about how the state’s property tax system works.  A few topics for summer studies failed to make the grade.

Duvall says most of those topics lend themselves to becoming issue memorandums, where the Legislative Research Council would research an issue then produce a report to help legislators better understand the issue.  The Executive Board will meet again in late April to assign legislators to the three studies.