SD House Bill 1089(Governor’s security cost bill) fails committe vote

PIERRE, S.D.(KJJQ)- The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee kills a bill that would have required disclosure of the Governor’s total security costs once per year.

Representative Taffy Howard of Rapid City is the sponsor of House Bill 1089. She says this will not impact the safety of the governor.

Department of Public Safety Secretary Craig Price says this bill could threaten the Governor’s safety. He used the example of a home security system.

The Highway Patrol currently does not provide a security line item in their annual budget. Price says they cover the costs through their operating budget. Representative Jamie Smith of Sioux Falls asked Price what it means to their budget when the Governor’s security costs go up?.

Price says the money they save through vacancies allows them to continue to provide all their other services.

The bill was sent to the 41st day on a 11-2 vote, killing the measure.