SD House bill dealing with potential road and bridge work in the state waiting Governor’s signature

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota Lawmakers this year passed House Bill 1259, which would do an assessment of rural roads and bridges and provide funding for replacement and repair in the last two years of the three year measure. The bill is sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting her signature. House Transportation Committee Chair Caleb Finck of Tripp says the Governor’s staff helped them draft the bill. He says there are a lot of bridges that need replacing.

He says most of the roads and bridges they’re talking about are smaller structures but are important in providing a route to markets for the state’s farmers and ranchers.

Finck says under the bill the state would provide money to counties and townships for that rural road and bridge upkeep.

Under the legislation application for use of the state funds will be submitted to county commissioners who will then direct the awards.