SD House leaders express satisfaction over 2022 SD state budget

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota lawmakers wrapped up the main run of the 2021 session Thursday with approval of the $5.1 billion budget the final legislative act.

House Majority Leader Kent Peterson of Salem says they focused again on the big three.

Peterson says it was a priority to raise pay for community service providers mostly in nursing homes.

Peterson says they were able to provide a solid boost in pay.

House Minority Leader Jamie Smith of Sioux Falls says they managed to stretch a pot of one time money.

A major broadband expansion, an exhibit hall at the State Fair, and additions to the state radio network all got substantial funding.

Smith says they were pleased with the overall spending plan.

Smith says they have a good foundation to continue building.

Schools and state employees will get a two-point four percent increase in funding for next year.

The budget will take effect beginning in July.

Legislators return to Pierre on March 29th for the final day of the 2021 session.