SD House looking to pass bill to help housing this week

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- Besides coming up with a budget for the next year state lawmakers are still trying to get a workforce housing bill passed.  The South Dakota House last week spent a great deal of time trying to pass Senate Bill 53; which carried 200-million dollars for housing.  District 24 Representative Mike Weisgram of Fort Pierre served on the Housing Needs summer study and says the big bill may have gotten ahead of itself.

District 24 Representative Will Mortenson says the votes on S-B 53 moved around but a solution is out there.

The big spending Senate bills cleared the Senate favorably and District 24 Senator Mary Duvall says they respected the summer study’s work on housing.

Governor Kristi Noem recommended in her proposed budget late last year putting 200-million dollar toward the workforce housing effort.