SD House rejected Senate version of medical marijuana proposol

PIERRE, S.D.(SDBA)- The House today rejected a Senate version of HB1100, the Medical Marijuana bill.

Republican members of the House convened in a closed door caucus meeting for almost two hours before returning to the floor just before noon toda

The House briefly debated concurring with the Senate version of the bill but ultimately rejected that motion.

A committee of House members was called to begin conferring with members of the Senate to work out differences between the two chambers.

House Speaker Spencer Gosch, Majority Leader Kent Peterson, and Minority Leader Oren Lesmeister were appointed to represent the House on the committee.

Senators Blake Kurd, Michael Rhol, and Maggie Sutton will represent the Senate.

The South Dakota Senate has adjourned for the day at 2:30pm, leaving HB1100 – the medical marijuana bill – hanging in a conference committee.

A House/Senate Conference Committee continued to convene in an effort to work out an agreement between the two chambers regarding how and when medical marijuana might become legal in the state.

Members of the House remain ‘at ease’ and are able to take up any changes or amendments to the bill.

Thursday is the final day of the main run of the South Dakota State Legislature in Pierre.

HB1100 if the last major piece of legislation left before lawmakers.