SD House Rep Taffy Howard called on President Biden & Vice President Harris to resign or Congress to impach them

Statement on Biden and Afghanistan Withdrawal

RAPID CITY, S.D.(Press Release)- “Today we observe the Taliban-imposed deadline for American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and even Biden Administration officials acknowledge that there are hundreds of Americans, probably more, now trapped by our enemies.

The withdrawal has been a complete disaster from start to finish. President Biden has not only handed the Taliban tens of billions of dollars in high-tech weapons and equipment, he has demonstrated that our allies can’t trust America under this Administration. And he has needlessly spent the lives of American servicemen and women in a shameful end to our longest war.

As a veteran, I join those calling on President Biden and Vice President Harris to resign. If they will not, Congress should proceed with impeachment.”


Background: State Representative Taffy Howard is exploring a run for the United States House for the seat currently held by Congressman Dusty Johnson. She has filed her campaign committee, as required by law, and has found strong support across the state for her campaign. She is expected to make an announcement at the end of September.

Taffy currently represents part of Rapid City in the South Dakota State House, serving as the vice-chair of the House Appropriations Committee. She resides in Rapid City with her husband, Mark, and has two grown sons. Taffy served in the United States Air Force and earned her jump wings from the U. S. Army Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA. She is the daughter of an Army veteran and the mother of an active duty Naval officer.