SD House representative Will Mortenson talks about the votes he took on HB1217 on veto day

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- South Dakota House legislators had one vetoed bill to consider Monday when they gathered in Pierre for the final day of the 2021 Legislative Session.

The House had to take action on Gov. Kristi Noem’s Style or Form Veto of HB1217 what’s become known as the transgender, fairness in women’s sports bill.

District 24 Rep. Will Mortenson of Pierre says House members considered the Governor’s proposed changes.

Mortenson, who voted for the bill back in February now says the bill didn’t originate in South Dakota and addresses a topic that’s not currently an issue here.

House members rejected Noem’s style and form veto on a 67-2 vote and sent the bill back to her as passed. The Governor then vetoed the legislation outright. On a 45-24 vote, the House failed to reach the 47 votes needed to override the veto. Noem followed up by issuing executive orders to enact a limited ban in K-12 athletics and in college athletics.

Mortenson and fellow District 24 Rep. Mike Weisgram of Fort Pierre each voted “no” both times.

Noem said she will schedule a special session in late May or early June to address this issue, as well as the implementation of medicinal marijuana and how money coming to the state from the latest federal economic stimulus bill should be used.