SD House to bring up articles of impeachment for Attorney General Ravnsborg Tuesday

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- Busy week in Pierre as South Dakota lawmakers will hold a  special session Tuesday to consider possible impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

House Majority Leader Kent Peterson of Salem says the actual impeachment session is new to everyone.

Peterson says once the select committee is approved, the session may recess for days or weeks.

Peterson says they don’t want the impeachment process to spill over into the regular 2022 session.

Representative Caleb Finck of Tripp says he signed onto the petition calling for the special session.

Finck says he hopes they can move rapidly on the issue.

Representatives will be asked to approve a special committee that would investigate the issue and make recommendations at a later date to the full House.

The rules provide for the House to bring charges of impeachment. If that happens, then the Senate has to wait twenty days before holding the trial.