SD Legislature’ Executive Board heard from IT sub-committee Tuesday

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The South Dakota Legislature’s Executive Board gathered Tuesday at the State Capitol in Pierre.  The group heard from the Information Technology sub-committee.  Sub-committee chair, Senator Mary Duvall of Pierre says the Legislative Research Council’s I-T Department has a full plate.

Duvall says L-R-C’s I-T Department has been very involved with the Redistricting Committee, of which Duvall is Chair.

Duvall says work is underway from the I-T side for a redistricting-based special session of the legislature in November.

The L-R-C Information Technology Department is also working to posted progress updates on bills while they move through Committees on the video boards and are working to televise Committee hearings, similar to Chamber sessions with help from South Dakota Public Broadcasting.