SD Producer testifies at today’s Ag Committee Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KBHB) – The Senate Ag Committee was holding a hearing Wednesday to discuss the issue of cattle market manipulation and anti-competitive practices by the meat packers.

South Dakota Senator John Thune was among those chairing the meeting and hearing input from witnesses – including Justin Tupper – cattle producer and manager of St Onge Livestock Auction.

Tupper testified there is a crisis in rural America.

Tupper says they want the packers to make money because that’s what makes the system work. However, the differential between them and the packers is off.

Tupper says producers are not looking for a handout – rather a fair and equitable playing field.

Wednesday’s hearing comes as Thune has been seeking input from South Dakota producers on the alleged manipulation in the cattle markets and has been soliciting ideas for improving the situation. He’s hoping to get assistance from the Department of Justice.