SD Public Utilities Commission accept staff’s request to deny the pipeline

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission heard testimony Monday on the staff’s request to deny the pipeline request from Summit Carbon Solutions.

Staff’s attorney Kristin Edwards talks about the ordinance Brown County has in place that Summit couldn’t get around it.

Lawyer representing Summit, Brent Koenecke said this pipeline is important for the agriculture industry.

Koenecke told the commission that 72 or 73% of landowners had signed easements to this project.

South Dakota State Treasurer Josh Haeder, who replaced Commissioner Kristie Fiegen because of conflict of interest talked about a quote used by COO of Summit Jimmy Powell.

Haeder believes as a result of the county ordinances on setbacks.  Summit was not ready to proceed forward.

Koenecke put a request to delay the hearing.

Edwards reacted to that request.

Lawyer representing the landowners, Brian Jorde asked the Commission to deny Summit’s request for an extension.

Commissioner Chris Nelson put the motion in to delay the hearing & explains why.

Commissioner Gary Hanson oppose Nelson’s motion.

The motion was defeated on a 2-1 vote with Haeder also opposing it.

Commisioner Hanson put the motion in to accept the staff’s request to deny Summit’s request.

The hearing lasted just under two hours.