SD Senate Commerce & Energy Committee passes bill to allocate $150 million for housing

PIERRE, S.D.(SDBA & WNAX)- The South Dakota Senate Commerce and Energy Committee Thursday morning passed a bill that allocates $150 million in housing infrastructure loans and grants.

A parade of business and housing lobbyists and state officials briefly testified in favor of Senate Bill 41.

Nathan Sanderson with the South Dakota Retailers Association.

Carl Adam with the South Dakota Bankers Association.

Their bottom line: South Dakota has a worker and housing crisis. They said the grant and loan program to be administered by the South Dakota Housing Development Authority is needed quickly.

Senator Reynold Nesiba of Sioux Falls said it’s a downpayment.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck of Watertown says it’s taken a while to get here.

The bill passed 8 to 1. It now goes to the full Senate for consideration.