SD Senate Health & Human Services discuss various cannabis bills

PIERRE, S.D.( The Senate Health and Human Services committee met to discuss 12 different bills related to medical cannabis in South Dakota. The bills are focused on ensuring safety for both patients and providers going forward.

Governor Kristi Noem has said she wants to have the most patient-focused medical cannabis program in the country. The bills discussed in the committee tackle different aspects designed to increase security while also providing for patient needs. 

While most of the bills passed through without debate… Senate Bill 24 was heavily discussed. This bill in its original form put a three plant maximum on home-growers. The committee amended the bill to remove that maximum and instead left the language to say a home-grower can have three plants.

Opponents of the bill don’t disagree with the need for the bill… but say that three plants aren’t enough for the average cannabis patient. Opponents want to see the maximum raised to 12.

Members of the committee say the number of plants could increase, decrease or be entirely done away with before the bill reaches the governor’s desk.