SD Stock Grower’s Association Has Concerns with New Interior Secretary

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WNAX)- The U.S. Senate confirmed New Mexico Representative Deb  Haaland as Interior Secretary. That department has a lot to do with federal land management across the country. South Dakota Stock Grower’s Association Executive Director James Halverson says they have a lot of concerns with Haaland’s confirmation.

One of the concerns with Haaland’s past record is her support for continued protections for grizzly bears. Halverson says that’s a bit concerning where predators are being protected at the expense of those properly managing the land and trying to make a living.

He says another concern with Haaland is her support of the Green New Deal which could cause harm to America’s energy supply and the economy.

Haaland was confirmed on mostly a partly line vote of 51 to 40 with four Republicans joining Democrats in voting to approve the confirmation.