SDFU President on President’s FY 2022 Budget including increased funding for Ag

WASHINGTON, D.C.(WNAX)- President Biden has come out with his proposed fiscal year 2022 budget and it includes a close to $4 billion increase for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The funding proposal is directed toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making farms more resilient to climate change. South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke says he hopes it will be adopted by Congress. He says it gives incentives to producers to be environmentally responsible and do what many of them have already been doing.

Biden’s budget proposal also calls for an increase of about 20 percent or over $640 million in ag research. Sombke says that’s something his group has been looking for for some time.

He says besides the President’s budget proposal, he also likes his infrastructure plan, the American Jobs Act as what’s called for in that is critical for agriculture and is a good investment in the nation.

Also included in the President’s FY22 budget request is an increase of $11.2 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency.