#SDpreps Tuesday Scoreboard (5/7/2024)




Sisseton  0

Deuel      15


Sioux Valley  10

Redfield           3



Capital City Qualifier w/ Ab. Central, Herreid/SA, Miller, Mo/Po, Potter County & Sully Buttes

All individual results can be found HERE: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/542654/results/all


– Breanna Jochim (Herreid/SA) 2nd in 100m run.

– Ryli Thompson (Mo/Po) 1st in 200m run + 1st in 400m run.

– Emma Schlachter (Potter County) 1st in 800m run.

– Heidi Olson (Mo/Po) 1st in 1600m run.

– Catelynn Weig (Ab. Central) 1st in the 100m hurdles.

– Olivia Olson (Sully Buttes) 1st in 300m hurdles.

– Allbee, Jochim, Hubner, Helm (Herreid/SA) 1st in 4×200 relay.

– Kaup, Ahlemeier, Heien, Schlachter (Potter County) 1st in 4×400 relay.

– Kaup, Ahlemeier, Stevens, Persoon (Potter County) 1st in 4×800 relay.

– Ermer, Klipfel, LaFave, Stucke (Ab. Central) 2nd in SMR 1600m run.

– Taryn Hermansen (Ab. Central) 2nd in shot put.

– Katie Wollman (Mo/Po) 2nd in the discus.

– Mya Arampatzis (Ab. Central) 3rd in the javelin.

– Sophia Overload (Mo/Po) first in pole vault + Lilly Flood (Ab. Central) 2nd in pole vault.



– Colby Kolda (Miller) 4th in 100m run. + 2nd in 200m run.

– Evan Sichmeller (Ab. Central) 7th in 200m run.

– Gavin Barber (Sully Buttes) 3rd in 400m run.

– Alex Schumacher (Miller) 1st in 800m run.

– Nicholas Schlachter (Potter County) 1st in 1600m run / Philipp Abel (Ab. Central) 3rd.

– Nicholas Schlachter 2nd in 3200m run.

– Isaak Hunter (Miller) 3rd in 110m hurdles + 2nd in 300m hurdles.

– Surer, Larson, Simon & Luikens (Potter County) 1st in 4×100 relay + 1st in 4×200 relay.

– Eisenbiesz, Harrison, Burgard, Nelson (Ab. Central) 3rd in SMR 1600m relay.

– Carter Hinsz (Mo/Po) 3rd in shot put. Joran Foss (Ab. Central) 5th in shot put.

– Joran Foss (Aberdeen Central) FIRST in discus.

– Evan Sichmeller (Aberdeen Central) 2nd in the pole vault.

– Simon Fried (Mo/Po) first in triple jump.



LRC Meet w/ Ab. Christian, Faulkton, Frederick Area, Ipswich, Langford, Leola, North Central, NW & Warner

Individual results found HERE: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/550244/results/all


1st) Warner (159.5)

– Hoeft, Jung, Schopp & Sauerwein won SMR 1600m relay.

2nd) Ipswich (156)

– Sophia Knittel won 200m run.

– Madisyn Gellhaus won 3200m run.

– Jalyssa Hutson won the pole vault.

3rd) North Central (98.5)

– Kaidence Bulgin won 100m hurdles.

– Hoerner, Geier, Bulgin & Vander Vorst won 4×200 relay.

– Lindsey Geier won the triple jump.

4th) Faulkton Area (90)

– Savanna Hayes won the discus.

– Savanna Hayes won the javelin.

5th) Northwestern (83)

– Ella Boekelheide won the 400m, 800m & 1600m run(s).

– Blachford, Haven, Holsing & Troske won the 4×800 relay.

– Ana Ratigan won the shot put.

6th) Ab. Christian (71)

– Shawnteah La Croix won 100m run + 2nd in 400m run. + won long jump.

– La Croix, Isakson, Skarin & Ellyson won 4×100 relay.

7th) Frederick (68)

– Sofia Losure won 300m hurdles + high jump.

– Ellwein, Laura Sumption, Losure & Morgan Sumption won the 4×400 relay.

8th) Langford (29)

9th) Leola (5)



1st) Ipswich (175.5)

– Trevor Heinz won the 100m run + won the long jump.

– Maxwell Kulesa won the 200m run.

– Hettich, Kulesa, Geditz + Davis won the 4×100 relay.

– Davis, Kulesa, Loken & Weig won the 4×200 relay.

– Rasmusu Loken won the pole vault.

2nd) Warner (100.5)

– Hunter Cramer won the 110m hurdles.

– Brennan Wolf-Donat won the high jump.

3rd) North Central (99.5)

– Raynor Sprague won the 400m run.

– Gabe Johnson won the 3200m run.

– Goings, Johnson, Wells & Miller won the 4×800 relay.

4th) Northwestern (94.5)

– Lincoln Woodring won the 800m run + 1600m run.

– Ty Boekelheide won the triple jump.

5th) Faulkton Area (84)

– Spencer Melius won the 300m hurdles + won the javelin.

– DiMaria, Cotton, Cramer & Kaiser won the SMR 1600m relay.

6th) Frederick Area (83)

– Nickelson, Milo Sumption, Kippley & Brayden Sumption won the 4×400 relay.

7th) Leola (53)

– Dustin Wurtz won the shot put + won the discus.

8th) Langford Area (17)

T8th) Ab. Christian (17)

10th) Warner (14)


LCC Meet w/ Castlewood, Clark/WL, De Smet, Deuel & Hamlin

Individual results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/552347/results/all


1st) Sioux Valley (155)

2nd) Clark/WL (150)

3rd) Deuel (117)

4th) Flandreau (114)

5th) De Smet (82)

6th) Castlewood (68)

7th) Hamlin (61)



1st) Sioux Valley (189)

2nd) Deuel (133)

3rd) Flandreau (107)

4th) De Smet (102)

5th) Hamlin (89)

6th) Clark/WL (69)

7th) Castlewood (65)


281 Conference Meet w/ Highmore-Harr, Hitch-Tulare, JVC, SC/Wood, SBA, Wess. Springs + Wolsey-Wessington

All individual results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/559720/results/all

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: [out of 8 teams]
1st) JVC (190)

2nd) Wolsey-Wess (184)

3rd) Hitch-Tulare (91)

4th) Iroquois/LP (74.5)

5th) SBA (73.5)

6th) Wess. Springs (59)

7th) SC/Woonsocket (57)

8th) High-Harrold (34)


BOYS TEAM RESULTS: [out of 8 teams]

1st) Wolsey-Wessington (158)

2nd) JVC (155.5)

3rd) Hitch-Tulare (111)

4th) SC/Woonsocket (105)

5th) Wess. Springs (85)

6th) SBA (67)

7th) High-Harrold (50.5)

8th) Iroquois/LP (29)


ECC Track Meet w/ Britton-Hecla, Florence/H, GPL, Waubay/Summit, Waverly-SS & Wilmot

Individual results HERE: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/538213/results/all


1st) GPL (207)

2nd) Britton-Hecla (122)

3rd) Florence/H (86)

4th) Waubay/Summit (52)

T4th) Tri-State (52)

6th) Wilmot (25)

7th) Waverly-SS (4)



1st) GPL (198)

2nd) Tri-State (109)

3rd) Britton-Hecla (60)

4th) Waverly-SS (58)

5th) Wilmot (43)

6th) Waubay/Summit (40)

7th) Florence/Henry (36)


Boys Tennis

ESD Tournament in Pierre, SD w/ Aberdeen Central [Day 2 of 2]


1st) Harrisburg (335.5)

2nd) Yankton (310.5)

3rd) Brandon (209.5)

4th) Mitchell (184)

5th) Watertown (172)

6th) Pierre TF Riggs (28.5)

7th) Huron (19)

8th) Aberdeen Central (18.5)

9th) Brookings (12)



– AJ Prehn (L) in consolation championship (8-2) in flight 1 singles.

– Mason Ligon (W) consolation championship (9-7) in flight 2 singles.

– Gannon Pederson (L) in consolation championship (8-2) in flight 6 singles.



– Prehn/Ligon (L: 0-2) in flight 1 doubles.

– Pederson/Anderson (L: 0-2) in flight 3 doubles.