Impact dual credit courses for high school students have on universities

BROOKINGS, S.D.(WNAX)- Dual credit courses for high school students are a bargain for them and their parents. Those are courses taken in high school for a small fee that count toward university credits.

South Dakota State University President Barry Dunn says many students are taking advantage of them.

Dunn says losing those on campus credit hours hits their bottom line in several ways.

Dunn says the high school credits allow students to move quickly to their university degree.

Dunn says their budget is fine this year, but adjustments may have to be made in the future.

Avon School Superintendent Tom Culver says the subjects offered have expanded greatly.

Culver says the lower cost of the dual credit courses help save on tuition.

Culver says the program has expanded to most colleges and universities in the state.

While a bargain for students and parents, the courses are having an impact on the finances of state universities that miss out on tuition hours.