SDSU working on replacing plastic waste

BROOKINGS, S.D.(KELO)- He has a big dream of replacing plastic waste.

Dr. Srinivas (SREE-nih-vus) Janaswamy (JAN-uh-swom-ee) of SDSU is making major strides in developing plastic films from biomass like switchgrass, coffee grounds and avacado peels.

If his team is successful, petroleum based grocery bags could be on their way out.

Janaswamy (JAN-uh-swom-ee) and SDSU students have been working on the project for several years.

The biodegradable plastic films they’re working to develop are made of biomass, like banana peels, coffee grounds, switchgrass…and corn stalks.

Additionally, Janaswamy says the project could help resolve the crisis of plastic waste that isn’t being recycled properly.