Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree address upcoming ballot measures

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Casery Crabtree of Madison made a stop in Aberdeen and took the time to appear in studio on the KSDN Midday Report for the hour.  The focus of the interview dealt with the ballot measures that will be appearing on the 2024 ballot in November.

Amendment G(Abortion Amendment):

Crabtree address his strong opposition for the amendment and looks to define the issue of health of the mother.

Crabtree talks about the line he has when comes to whether abortion should be allowed for women.

Amendment H(Open Primary Amendment):

Crabtree address why those would be in support of the amendment.

Those opposed believe in the status quo.

One thing Crabtree was in favor of is allowing voters to decide on offices such as the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, & Attorney General.

IM28(Elimination of Consumption Tax):

Crabtree discuss his concerns about what the elimination will do.

Crabtree compares the initiated measure to that what Governor Kristi Noem proposed in 2023.

Crabtree express concern about how this could force cities to increase property taxes if passed.

Amendment F(Workforce Requirement for Medicaid Expansion): 

Crabtree talks about why the South Dakota Legislature wanted to place this amendment to the voters.

Crabtree for now says that no minimum number of hours will be discussed with this amendment.

Amendment E(References to Office Holders & Persons):

Crabtree discuss why now is the right time to address this.

Recreational Marijuana Initiated Measure:

Senator Crabtree discuss this measure and his opposition to it.

Finally with all the various ballot measures, Senator Crabtree was asked if he will accept the will of the voters even on measures that he doesn’t agree with.

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