Senator Al Novstrup reflect on the summer study on County Funding

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- This past summer, the South Dakota Legislature held a summer study dealing with ways state government can better help counties with funding for various programs.  One of the members of the study was Senator Al Novstrup of Aberdeen.

Novstrup talks about what the role of the summer study was.

Novstrup talked about the final day that took place in Sioux Falls.

Novstrup talks how about Director of Equalization which is what the county pays for.

Novstrup’s bill dealing with funding for better county fairs was not recommended by this committee.  Novstrup plans to still bring in to the 2024 legislature.  He talks about maybe needing to adjust it for next year.

Novstrup discuss ways money needs to be raised in order for the legislature to help fund counties for various programs.

Novstrup talks about how this money could be distributed to the various counties.

Novstrup believes Governor Noem will stay out of the way of this process.

The next step is to bring the recommendations and maybe some bills to the Executive Board in October.