Senator Al Novstrup & Rep Carl Perry recap this year’s session & preview Veto Day

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- District 3 Senator Al Novstrup & Representative Carl Perry took a look back at this year’s legislative session & look ahead to Veto Day on Monday March 27th.

Both legislators had a hard time getting bill they were sponsored to clear their respective chambers.  Senator Novstrup talks about tackling some tough issues.

The Lincoln Hall project bill for NSU easily passed the South Dakota Senate but barely passed the House with 2/3 needed because of the emergency clause.  Representative Perry talks about the issue.

Eminent domain dealing with the pipeline bills passed the House but failed on the Senate Committee.  The Speaker of the House Hugh Bartel sent the bills to the House State Affairs while the President Pro Temp Lee Schoenbeck sent it the Senate Commerce Committee.  Both leaders were opposed to all pipeline bill.  Perry & Novstrup comment on whether leaders send bills to committee to either succeed or die.

SB155 which deals with funding for the regional jails, passed the South Dakota Senate but died on the House floor.  This could have an impact on the site for the new regional jail for Brown County.  Novstrup discussed whether the City of Aberdeen might need to be involved in the process.

Perry talks about the budget that passed the legislature on the last day of their regular run.

Veto Day is on March 27th.  Governor Noem has so far vetoed four bills.  One of the vetoed bill was addressed already, which was HB1109 that dealt with the hotel tax. Perry was a yea vote & explained why he remained a yea vote as the House attempted to override the veto.

The House was unable to override the veto.

The other bills she vetoed will be discussed on Veto Day.  One was SB108 which was the “sip & spit” bill.  Senator Novstrup talks about his no vote.

Another bill was SB129 which dealt with treating teachers & officials the same as law enforcement. Novstrup talks about his support of the bill.

Representative Perry was very opposed to this bill.

Another bill was HB1193 that dealt with acknowledging cryptocurrency as “money”.  Perry was a yea vote but helped push the Governor to veto.  He explains why.

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