Senator Al Novstrup & Representative Carl Perry recap the summer sessions on regional jails

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Immediately following the latest committee meeting dealing with regional jails & correctional facilities, Senator Al Novstrup & Representative Carl Perry did a recap of the session.

City of Mobridge is now interested in building a jail for the north central region.  Senator Novstrup comments on why they’re doing it.

Representative Perry express concern on how Mobridge might be able to pay for it.

Senator Novstrup explain the issue that counties for dealing with regarding construction of jails.

One of the topics that might be discussed in next year’s legislature is the issue of presumptive probation.  Representative Perry talks about the pros & cons about it.

Representative Perry comments what’s should be done with the funding for jails.

Senator Novstrup talks about the issue of compacts that used by the counties.

The summer study was to deal with regional jails & correctional facilites.  Representative Perry felt that maybe not enough time was brought up on other issues besides jails.

Senator Novstrup felt if the voters approve IM27(legalize recreational marijuana), that it could lead to more problems.

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