Senator Al Novstrup talks about the summer study dealing with County Funding

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  The summer study dealing with the topic of County Funding has held two session so far this summer.  District 3 Senator Al Novstrup is a member of the committee and provided an update on what’s been discussed so far.

Novstrup address the biggest concern heard so far by the committee in the issue with inflation.

Novstrup discuss the issue of funding needed for the attorney offices in each county.

Novstrup discuss how much of a need for counties to have regional jails including the building that Brown County was goin to use for their jail.

Novstrup talked about McPherson County & the work in her office compared to that of some of the larger revenue generated by those counties with higher population grown.

Novstrup address election issues passed by the legislature this year.

Novstrup also comment on some counties dealing with spending more than they are budgeting.

One of items that senator Al Novstrup address at Wednesday’s summer studies dealing with the Star Academy.

Novstrup look ahead to what to expect in the next two meeting is to try to find solutions to some of these problems.

The next summer study meeting is scheduled for the month of August in Rapid City.