Senator Crabtree address his support SB201

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Petitions to place a referendum to SB201 has been turned in to the Secretary of State’s Office.  Among those that are supporter of SB201 is one of the prime sponsors, South Dakota Senate Majority Leader, Casey Crabtree.  He appeared on the KSDN Midday Report Tuesday to explain his stance.

Senator Crabtree talks about his motivation to help write the bill.

Crabtree discuss how this can address economic development for the counties.

The South Dakota House made some changes to SB201.  Crabtree talks about his support for some of the changes that were made by them.

Crabtree was asked how this would impact the issue of local control of the county governments.

One issue not covered by the landowner’s bill of rights is the issue of eminent domain.  If SB201 does make the ballot, this would delay implementation until next year.  Crabtree was asked if eminent domain could be address in the 2025 legislative session.

Senator Crabtree was asked if the Presidential election could have an impact on the carbon pipeline going forward.

South Dakota Secretary of State’s has validated the referendum for repealing SB201.  Referred Law 21 will be on the ballot in November.