Legislators address HB1281 dealing with federal funds

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- Following the end of the main run of the South Dakota legislative session, members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committee sent a letter, detailing their concerns with HB1281, a compromise bill dealing with spending authority for federal funds.

Senator Jean Hunhoff of Yankton says those legislators may try to bring the bill up again on veto day on the 28th.

Hunhoff, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Appropriations, says they wanted to be careful with federal dollars starting new state programs.

Hunhoff says they are hearing the financial concerns from state agencies.

Legislators would have to find enough support to suspend the rules on the final day to bring HB1281 back for more debate.

Representative Ryan Cwach of Yankton says it was a tough session.

Cwach says in spite of the disagreements, they were able to pass a pretty good budget.

Cwach says legislators were able to reach a consensus on most issues.

Ryan Cwach and Senator Jean Hunhoff spoke to the monthly meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary.