Senator Hunhoff & Greenfield talks about the procedure to do impeachments

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- A petition is circulating among South Dakota legislators asking them to sign on to a special session to consider possible impeachment of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

Senator Jean Hunhoff of Yankton says the House would debate any charges.

Hunhoff says they don’t have the time during the regular session for an impeachment trial.

Hunhoff says the issue should be handled in a special session.

Senator Brock Greenfield of Clark says he hasn’t made a decision yet.

Greenfield says the issue has to be resolved.

Greenfield says they don’t have the time in a regular session to take on an impeachment trial.

At least two thirds of the members of the House and Senate have to sign the petition to call the legislature back to Pierre.

House republican leaders have said the names of Representatives signing on to the petition will not be made public.