Senator Lee Schoenbeck talks about a number of different issues being debated by SD legislators

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Senator Lee Schoenbeck, the President Pro Temp of the South Dakota Senate appeared on radio to tackle different topics the South Dakota legislature is working on.

Gov. Noem was recently hit with a restraining order approved by a federal judge from Planned Parenthood. Gov. Noem has made it known she wants South Dakota to have the most aggressive anti-abortion laws in the nation.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck gave some insight

It may be best to wait and see what the outcome is.

The bill referred to as “fairness in sports” that allows only girls that are biologically specified on their birth certificate as the female gender are allowed to play in girls sports.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck relays insight on the current process.

Schoenbeck explains how Gov. Noem is getting opposition on both “sides”.

Lee feels laws like this make an impact.

Lee says it’s not going away and needs to be dealt with. Gov. Noem has been questioned if this is a statement about how South Dakota feels about transgender individuals.

The statement was made by General Counsel and Interim Chief of Staff Mark Miller. He argued that other states had passed similar legislation and argued it was similar to preventing “terrorism.”

There are 2 topics that are not getting as much attention as Senator Schoebeck feels they should.

First deals with water.

The second deals with housing.

The hope is it will help more developers move forward with developing land for housing. Specifically “workforce housing”.

The water portion of the infrastructure will deal with clean water and wastewater. Lee also shares his thoughts on a water pipeline system.

More developments, means more workforce housing, means more people filling South Dakota jobs.

Over the last 2 years marijuana has sparked lots of discussion in South Dakota, including in this year’s legislative session.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck provide an update on how the process is going.

Schoenbeck doesn’t think recreational marijuana will get passed this year.