Senator Michael Rohl address different issues

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)  On Thursday, District 1 Senator Michael Rohl appeared on KSDN to address what happened at the Republican Convention in July, the special election for the District 1 House seat, & the Summer Study on regional jails held Wednesday at NSU.

Rohl address the precinct people came to the convention with their own agenda rather than that of the voters.

Rohl feels this will be addressed in next year’s legislative session.

Rohl also discussed the special election that was held Tuesday in Bristol to fill a nomination for the District 1 House seat.

Rohl talked about the committee on jails that meant Wednesday.  Rohl talks about what pleased him at the meeting.

Rohl details the differences between a compact & a contract.

Rohl feels one of the big issues is the drug problem in the state which can lead to overcrowding.  The election in November could offer a solution to that.

Another issue brought up was staffing especially in the smaller counties.  Rohl offer a suggestion of using the SD Highway Patrol to help with transporting criminals to the jails.

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