Senator Michael Rohl discuss the possibility of borders reestablished for Lake Traverse Reservation

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  Focus in District 1 has been what’s going on in southern Brown County involving the CO2 pipeline.  We are reminded that District 1 stretches from Brown County all the way to the South Dakota border covering the counties of Marshall, Day, & Roberts Count.   Senator Michael Rohl of Aberdeen is co-chair of the State Tribal Relations Committee discuss an issue happening to the east involving the possibility of reestablishing boundaries for the Lake Traverse Reservation.

Senator Rohl gives a little background how this reservation was established.

Rohl talks about the agreement that established control of the reservation & boundaries to the state of South Dakota.

Rohl discuss how a 1975 U.S. Supreme Court case(DeCoteau vs District County) confirmed that South Dakota had control of this land.

Rohl talks about one the impacts of reestablishing the Lake Traverse Reservation boundaries could have.

Rohl discuss how this resolution could make an impact with those at the U.S. Congress.

Rohl talks about a House Resolution that District 1 Representative Tamara St. John(who’s also co-chair of the State Tribal Relation Committee) is drafting a resolution looking to establish those boundaries.

The State Tribal Relations Committee will meet at least once a month for the next few months to tackle other Native American issues.