Senator Mike Rounds address questions asked by students at Roncalli & NSU

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Mike Rounds made stops at Aberdeen Roncalli & Northern State University.  Senator Rounds took questions from student & staff from both locations.

At Roncalli, Senator Rounds was asked about what he would say to himself as a teenager.

Rounds was asked about defense spending.

Rounds told the Roncalli students how important it is to go vote.

Rounds was asked whether the federal government should get involved in private schools.

Rounds address the issue of Tik Tok.

A member of the audience asked if he thinks President Trump will be going to jail.

At NSU, Senator Rounds addressed the issue of student loan forgiveness.

Also on Wednesday, Senator Rounds opened a new office at 221 Brown County 19.