Senator Mike Rounds react to Denver Air Connection to contract flights out of Watertown & Pierre

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Officials in both Pierre and Watertown are reacting to the U-S Department of Transportation’s decision to select Denver Air Connection for the next Essential Air Service contract to serve both cities. It’s not only local officials reacting but South Dakota’s legislative leaders are reacting as well.  South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds told KXLG NEWS this morning that there is a valid reason to ask the Department of Transportation to reconsider their decision.

Senator Rounds says the new airline would have a smaller fleet of planes and that could potentially lead to consistency issues.

Rounds says there is a big cost difference between Skywest and Denver Air Connection, however more than just the cost needs to be examined.

The announcement was made by the Federal Department of Transportation on Monday.  Under the plan, Watertown will keep six flights to Chicago and six to Denver with Denver flights also stopping in Pierre.   Flight schedules and times have not been announced.  SkyWest will continue to serve both Pierre and Watertown until June 1st when Key Lime Air, doing business as Denver Air Connection will take over.