Senator Mike Rounds receives award for conservative voting record

Alexandria, VA(Press Release) – The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), host of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), has just released the 50th Edition of its annual Ratings of Congress.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the scorecard, ACUF has released a comprehensive new platform to help better hold lawmakers accountable to conservative principles. The system breaks down the voting records of over 15,000 historical and active lawmakers and identifies each lawmakers specific policy strength and weakness. The system also provides head-to-head comparisons of elected officials through its 1.4 million vote database. Lawmaker ratings will be used to determine speaking invitations to CPAC and other ACU regional events.

In the 2020 session, and Sen. Mike Rounds (86%) was the only member of the South Dakota congressional delegation to receive an award for earning a score of 80% or higher from ACUF. South Dakota’s other members received the following scores: Rep. Dusty Johnson (79%); Sen. John Thune (73%).

This year CPAC and ACUF will present awards to 122 of the 535 members of Congress. The awards are used to help voters and activists identify which lawmakers are best upholding conservative principles and who to rally behind.

To produce this year’s scorecard, the ACUF’s Center for Legislative Accountability analyzed every vote taken last session and selected a wide-array of issues relating to fiscal, tax, regulatory, education, environment, Second Amendment rights, election security, life, and government integrity. All lawmakers in America at the federal and state levels are scored on a 100-point scale.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF version of ACU Foundation’s Ratings of Congress. CLICK HERE to visit the website.

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