Senator Rounds address the latest on the Farm Bill & lack of military promotions

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KMIT)- Lost in the kerfuffle over the government shutdown were other important, even vital, pieces of legislation. One of those bills is the farm bill. Senator Mike Rounds talks about the prospects for progress on the farm bill.

Producers are hopeful the bill will pass soon to give them guidance and certainty for input
investments and planting decisions

Many civilians are unaware that the military doesn’t actually promote officers. The Defense Department recommends promotions to the Congress which then either authorizes or denies, or in this case, delays military promotions. Senator Mike Rounds explains:

As a Pro-Life Senator, Rounds recognizes Senator Turberville’s stand on principle but hopes the issue can be resolved soon.

In today’s polarized political climate, there isn’t much the two Parties agree on and sometimes the Parties have divisions in their own caucus that prevents progress. Senator Mike Rounds talks about one of the few bipartisan exceptions to the rule of gridlock in Washington.

The Defense Reauthorization Act is important for the security of the country and for military
installations like Ellsworth Airforce Base near Rapid City.