Senator Rounds comment on Artificial Intelligence

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KELO)- The risk…and the promise…of Artificial Intelligence.

Lawmakers at the state and federal levels are working overtime to limit the dangers of A-I.

At the same time, Senator Mike Rounds says the new technology may soon produce major medical breakthroughs.

Senator Rounds says incorporating the speed of decision making available with A-I with Biomedical Research is key to those developments.

He says we could see the cures we’ve been looking for within a few years, instead of decades.

Competing technologies and the push for zero carbon emissions are creating big hurdles for the future.

Senator Mike Rounds is sold on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, but says leaders have to decide where it stands on the list of the nation’s priorities.

Rounds says the combination of power demands of electric vehicles and A-I are more than the electric grid can handle.

He says it will take all forms of power generation to meet the demand.