Senator Rounds comment on potential rail strike

WASHINGTON, D.C.(WNAX)- President Biden has asked Congress to get involved and help head off a threatened nationwide rail strike next week.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says there has been a commission working on agreements with rail unions.

Rounds says they haven’t seen any details yet.

Rounds says a rail strike would have a noticeable impact.

The US House is scheduled to begin debate on the issue this week.

Rounds made his comments in an interview with WNAX Farm Director Keith Lundberg.

House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee member U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.), issued a statement following an announcement that Congress would intervene in a potential rail strike after union negotiations failed.

“No one benefits from a rail strike,” said Johnson. “Supply chain issues are national security issues. It’s not just Christmas presents on those carts, it’s ethanol, it’s fertilizer – this stuff can’t sit around while parties argue over sick days. It’s embarrassing we’re at the point where Congress has to intervene – the unions and rails have had two years. I’ll be supporting a deal to keep the trains on the tracks.”