Senator Rounds react to the President’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- President Joe Biden delivered the yearly State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.  Senator Rounds offer his thought on some of the topics the President discussed.

Senator Rounds gave his overall impression on the speech itself.

President Biden attempted to offer solutions to address the issue with the southern border.  Senator Rounds felt he didn’t go far enough.

Senator Rounds mention how some Republican members was at times were being rude.  That occured while the President was talking about a minority of Republicans wanted to do cuts on social security & Medicare.  Later the President comment that Congress is in agreement to not do it at this time.  Senator Rounds believe the President took advantage of that situation.

President Biden also announced in the speech his support of an assault weapon ban.  Senator Rounds explains his opposition to it.

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