Senator Thune believes Biden’s border policies threaten national security

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- On Wednesday, Senator John Thune went on the floor to the U.S. Senate to criticize President Biden’s policy dealing with the southern border.

Senator Thune talks about how each year of the President’s administration has seen a record number of apprehension of people looking to cross the border.

Thune revealed the figures for the past three years.

Thune discuss how many in Fiscal Year 2023 was on the terrorist list.

Thune talks about those who weren’t captured after crossing the border since 2021.

Thune believe this problem was caused by what President Biden did at the start of the administration.

President Biden is working on a policy to try to address this.  Senator Thune is concern that this will not be enough.

President Biden has called for funding to work on securing the border better but is in connection with funding for Israel & Ukraine.