Senator Thune previews the 118th U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday, Senator John Thune was sworn in to begin his fourth term as a U.S. Senator representating South Dakota.  Prior to swearing in, Thune held a press conference with the media to look ahead to upcoming session.

Thune wanted to thank the voters for allowing to return to Washington for a fourth term.

Thune will remain as the Senate Minority Whip for the U.S. Senate & hopes his experience will benefit those in the state.

Looking ahead to 2023, one of Senator Thune’s focus will be to continue to improve broadband especially in the rural communities.

Senator Thune compare the relationship with Republicans in the Senate to that with the U.S. House.

Thune voted to approve the Omnibus bill last December.  Some House Republicans were critical of Republicans in the Senate for voting in favor & was pushing for a Continuous Resolution(CR) to allow them to craft the bill to fund the government.  Thune was opposed to it & explains why.

Senator Thune will be working on his fifith Farm Bill this year & he talks about some of his goals for this one.

Another item he’s pushing for to get country of origin labeling to be included in the upcoming Farm Bill.

Senator Thune was sworned in for his fourth term at 11am Tuesday.