Senator Thune reacts to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- With the recent news that Russia has invaded Ukraine, we wanted to localize this global event. We had to opportunity to speak with U.S. Senator John Thune to get his thoughts on the situation.

He says we have to “remember this is Ukraine’s fight but the U.S. and our allies can provide weapons, training, and humanitarian assistance to support them.”

Thune said NATO needs to send a signal.

Thune explains one way to deal with the situation.

Thune recalls in the early 90’s when Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons, which is why they need the support of the U.S. and our allies.

We asked what made Putin so bold to make a move like this.

How will this affect the U.S.

Thune said we can stop this from affecting the U.S. if we ramped up our oil production. “The Biden administration when then came to power shut down a lot of energy production.” Becoming energy independent should be a focus.

In closing Thune left us with this statement.