Senator Thune to travel to U.S. southern border this week to see growing crisis firsthand

WASHINGTON(Press Release) — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today discussed the ongoing border crisis and the role that the Biden administration has played in its rapid acceleration. Thune also discussed his upcoming trip to the border to survey the current situation, assess what Congress can do to help, and determine what actions the Biden administration can immediately take to solve this security and humanitarian crisis.

“During my trip to the border, I hope to speak to the men and women who have had to respond to this security and humanitarian crisis, and I will look to see what Congress can do to help,” said Thune. “But President Biden could start stemming this crisis today by making it clear that he is going to start enforcing immigration law, and that the way to come to this country is to come legally. For the sake of the unaccompanied children and all those trying to cross our borders, and for the sake of the Americans who have been endangered by his policies, I hope the president will take action.”