Senators urging Corps of Engineers to have better communication

PIERRE, S.D. (DRG News) – A group of Midwest Senators is urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to communicate better with lawmakers and stakeholders during flood events.

Senators Jody Ernst and Chuck Grassley of Iowa led the effort, along with Senators from South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas and Missouri. In a letter, the Senators describe issues with communications between the Corps and those in harm’s way during flooding in March and April. They say better communication “could have mitigated some of the damages.”

Corps chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division John Remus says they’re doing a variety of things to get information out to the public.

He says the annual operating plan addresses possible situations during the coming year.

But, Remus says, situations can develop that don’t allow Corp officials to follow the annual operating plan.

The Senators requested that the Corps begin sending email updates to all stakeholders in the Missouri River Basin weekly, starting within 30 days of receiving the Senators’ letter.