Severe Weather Awareness Week in South Dakota this week

PIERRE, S.D. (Press Release) – While the public’s attention is currently focused elsewhere, South Dakota officials say it’s still time to start preparing for this summer’s eventual severe weather.

The National Weather Service has designated next week, April 20-24, as Severe Weather Awareness Week in South Dakota. Tina Titze, director of the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management, says this is a good time to start thinking about what to do when severe thunderstorms or tornadoes impact the state.

“I know people are more concerned about the current COVID-19 situation, but as we have seen in other parts of the nation, severe weather, including tornadoes, can still happen,” she said. “Severe weather will eventually occur in South Dakota and everyone needs to be prepared.”

Severe Weather Awareness Week is used by state and local officials to urge people to start making preparations. Titze says it is too late to prepare when the thunderstorm or tornado is already impacting your area.

“Now is the time when families should discuss what to do if severe weather happens,” she says. “Where do you go if you are outside when a thunderstorm begins or what do you do if a tornado warning is issued? Those are important things to be ready for.”

A statewide tornado drill will not be held this year.  

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The Office of Emergency Management is part of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.