Sighting in Las Vegas not missing girl from South Dakota

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KBHB) – Rapid City authorities say a girl that was the focus of Serenity Dennard in a Facebook post was not her.

The Facebook post featuring an older man with a young girl who looked similar to the missing girl drew attention. It was taken in the Las Vegas area.

Authorities in Nevada followed up on the post and determined there was no crime committed and the girl was not Serenity.

The person who posted the original photos on Facebook had stated the man and the girl appeared to be “making out” in a store. But Las Vegas police say in a statement that there was misinformation.

Their statement read “Our preliminary investigation has determined that the juvenile is not the young girl reported missing from South Dakota as was suggested on social media,” LVMPD said in a statement. “We ask the public to disregard the false Facebook post which has delivered misinformation.”

Serenity Dennard has been missing since running away from the BH Children’s Home in February of last year.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office say their investigation in Serenity’s disappearance continues. They have followed over 230 leads in 36 states since she ran away.