Sioux Falls Mayor Paul Ten Haken delivered his State of the City Address Monday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- The unstable economy brought on by COVID and inflation is challenging but the city of Sioux Falls is enjoying great success anyway.

Mayor Paul TenHaken delivered the first “State of The City” address of his second term Monday

Some people are beginning to ask what he wants to leave as his legacy as mayor.

He says it’s a discussion that doesn’t interest him.

TenHaken says working together is producing success all across the city…starting downtown and going in all directions from there.

You can see that success on display with all of the building development, new park facilities that are coming online, and innovative solutions to traffic problems that are in the works.

Private/Public Partnerships are the key to the success of Sioux Falls.

That’s the conclusion of Mayor Paul TenHaken as he delivers his “State of the City” address.

The Mayor cited examples ranging for the downtown building boom, to new developments at the zoo, the Washington Pavilion and city parks and swimming pools.

This has all led to record-breaking development, but the mayor says speed isn’t the main focus…doing it right is.

The city is also making strides in the area of Public Safety, and addressing food insecurity in areas of the city.
Sioux Falls is on a track of rapid growth, and partnership is what’s making it happen.

That’s the theme of Mayor Paul Tenhaken’s “State of the City” address.

The growth takes careful planning and good timing.

Veterans Parkway construction around the city is a good example of planning for our neighbors as well as city residents.

Traffic on East 57th was just closed off from Veteran’s Parkway to Six Mile Road on the city’s east side, so construction for the season can begin.