Sioux Falls mayor takes exception to Biden ad

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ( — Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken is blasting an attack ad by Joe Biden against Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Biden and Mayor Pete are fighting for the more moderate centrist side of the Democrat Party against Socialist Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries.

Biden’s ad compares the former Vice President and Senator’s record of accomplishment against Mayor Pete’s, in a sometimes mocking, dismissive tone.

TenHaken says its a “tone-deaf” ad that reeks of “elitism” and mocks the work mayors do to keep cities running.

TenHaken’s comments don’t mean he supports Buttigieg. TenHaken is a registered Republican. But he’s a mayor and doesn’t like a mayor’s job being minimized. 

“America’s biggest problems AND solutions live in our cities. To my fellow mayors out at 5Ks, ribbon cuttings, grocery store sidebars, and more today — keep grinding,” says TenHaken on social media.