South Dakota Ag Alliance encourage voters to vote yes on Referred Law 21

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- The South Dakota Ag Alliance is encouraging state voters to say “yes” in November to uphold Referred Law 21, commonly known as Senate Bill 201.

The group calls the proposed law “pro-landowner, pro-agriculture, and pro-business.” They say it provides benefits for landowners such as property tax relief and annual payments.

Ag Alliance founding member Jason Glodt (gloat) says supporting Referred Law 21 will ensure landowners receive the rights and protections they deserve. He says it’s not just about pipelines, it’s about “securing the future of South Dakota agriculture and ensuring new market opportunities that will benefit all South Dakotans.”

Ag Alliance founding member Rob Skjonsberg says he can relate to the opponent’s concerns, but Referred Law 21 doesn’t do what they say it will do. He says Referred Law 21 won’t stop pipelines from being built so the Landowner Bill of Rights is needed to hold pipelines accountable and ensure that landowners and communities receive the advantages and protections they need.