South Dakota AG convicted on 2 impeachment charges, removed

PIERRE, S.D. (HubCityRadio) — The South Dakota Senate has convicted Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg on two impeachment charges stemming from a 2020 car crash in which he killed a pedestrian, triggering his automatic removal from office.

The first article dealt with the crime itself.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck of Watertown questioned why Ravnsborg didn’t testify on his own behalf.

Senator Troy Heinert of Mission talks about nobody wanting to be here for this impeachment.

Senator Art Rusch of Vermillion talks about the crimes itself is not enough for removal of office.

Senator Tim Johns of Lead questioned the constitutionality of this impeachment.

The vote on this article was 24-9 to remove him from office.  Aberdeen Senators Michael Rohl voted yes while Al Novstrup voted no.

The 2nd article dealt with malfeasance.

Senator Rusch who voted not to convict in the first article explains why he was in favor of the 2nd.

Senator Johns explains his vote against the 2nd article.

Senators voted 31-2 to remove him on the 2nd article.  Senators Rohl voted in favor while Novstrup voted no.

The South Dakota Senate unanimously voted to disqualify Ravnsborg from holding any office again.

Governor Noem tweeted the following statement after the Senate voted to convict.

“After nearly 2 years the dark cloud over the Attorney General’s office has been lifted.

It is now time to move on and begin to restore confidence in the office.”