South Dakota Board of Regents proposing Civics Literacy Requirement

PIERRE, S.D.(KELO)- They want to equip the next generation of civic leaders.

South Dakota’s Board of Regents is proposing a Civics Literacy Requirement at colleges and universities.

Regents President Tim Rave says it’s part of preparing the state’s workforce.

The hope is that students will take it to heart and enter public life as well as building their careers.

South Dakota’s Board of Regents is working to overcome complications in a plan to require Civics Literacy at state universities and colleges.

Regents’ President Rave says so far, the idea is being well-receieved.

But there are potential pitfalls to avoid in the process.

Since most graduates stay South Dakota, Rave says encouraging Civic involvement is important.

Rave says the fact most graduates stay in South Dakota makes the move even more important.

Rave says the move will also affect school boards and city and county governments.

Most of the students in South Dakota’s colleges and universities stay in the state and build their careers.

So, it only makes sense to encourage them to get involved in Civic affairs.

Rave says that’s the whole point behind new Civic Literacy requires that are being developed.

Personally, Rave says he was always interested in public service in High school and college.

Taking Civics courses helped move him in that direction.

Rave says the Regent’s Fiscal 2025 budget has money for the Civics requirements, so the costs won’t have to be passed in to students.