South Dakota Democrats voted to oust Jennifer Slaight-Hansen as chair of the party

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(SDStandard & HubCityRadio)- On Saturday, South Dakota Democratic Party voted to oust Jennifer Slaight-Hansen as the chair of the Democrat Party.

The SDDP Central Committee, meeting in Fort Pierre, with many members participating via Zoom, was nearly unanimous in removing Slaight-Hansen, who was elected to the post by more than 90% of the vote in February, from office. The final vote was 57-0, with two abstentions. About half the voters were at the meeting in person, while others took part online.

Slaight-Hansen has seven days to file an appeal. The appeals committee then would have 13 days to consider it.

Susan Wismer of Britton, who served in both the State House of Representatives and the state Senate and was the 2014 Democratic candidate for governor, spoke of her long relationship with Slaight-Hansen.

“Having worked with Jennifer for the last several years, she has been a very dedicated party member in the face of some real difficulties, and been historically frustrated in the effectiveness of the state office,” Wismer said.

She said Slaight-Hansen said the SDDP staff had not worked well with people who were not familiar with modern technology, and the new chair was trying to find ways to allow them to make recurring donations.

Keloland reporting that Wismer did vote to remove Slaight-Hansen as chair.

Vice Chair Shane Merrill, who also was elected in February to replace Slaight-Hansen, who became vice chair in 2022, will serve as an interim chair until an election for chair can be organized.

Deb Knecht, National Committeewoman for the South Dakota Democratic Party informed us that they plan to find a replacement for her at their Democratic Roundup on Saturday, September 16th in Rapid City.